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 A Year of Obedience and Faith

Well, it has been One year since the beginning of Tenacious Talisha. After a long year of transition, I feel my calling and purpose is to share my story. I have always been a person that believes in being tenacious and a planner. However, over the last year, I have learned that no matter how much I plan, God's timing is always better than my own and that sometimes it is better to take life daily. This next year of Tenacious Talisha will hold an ending to my Master's Degree program and my second year as a merchant. I often wonder if all these stories, whether long or short have inspired you the reader. I am thankful for everyone who discovers this page, and I pray you are left wanting more of Jesus.

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The moment you first breathe life into your lungs is a milestone.

The moment your parents hear your first cry, a milestone.

The moment you took your very first step, a milestone.

Your first day of kindergarten is a milestone.

The day you get your driver's license is a milestone.

The first time you overcome a breakup is a milestone.

Your first day of college is a milestone.

The day you graduate college is a milestone.

The day your daddy gives you away is a milestone.

The first time you step out and accept Christ in your heart is a milestone.

These are just a few milestones each person achieves at some point.

On May 10, 2022, a milestone happened in my life. I was asked to share the journey that made me start this site. I had many emotions leading up to that day. Of course, I was grateful, but I was honored that a person I had never met or had a conversation with saw something special on this page. Remarkably, God gave me many mountains to climb and use for his purpose. He gave my life story from the very moment air hit my lungs. He crafted me in my mother’s womb for a purpose. He positioned me where Mark would hear my name and about my blog. He allowed me to experience life circumstances and equipped me with his word to prevail through them. The young people that I spoke to are genuinely remarkable. They are younger than I was when I completed college. Their G.P.A’s are higher than mine was. How unreal it was to be introduced as a speaker. I usually go to conferences or events and wonder how someone can speak confidently and not be nervous or anxious. I learned that you come with a plan, but GOD determines the purpose. So lay those six pages of points to the side, let him feel your spirit with the words, and lean into him.

After D.J. and I left that morning, I walked away feeling inspired by the speakers I heard. They encouraged me to keep up sharing and being me. I am so very thankful for the experience. It was May 10 that became A REAL THING…

I look forward to how God uses this page to further his kingdom.

I started this blog yesterday evening, and It is now 11:46 PM the next night. In just a mere 14 minutes, I will hit a milestone of my 39th trip around the sun. I say this because about nine months ago, was just brand new. I can’t believe I have stayed with it. I am not saying this because I thought I would let it burn out, but I say this because I can’t believe we have started to see the other side of the circumstance. God has given me 39 years on his planet. And for the last what will be six years in approximately 10 minutes, D.J. and I have kept Laney alive and well. Amazingly, God picked me to be her mommy. I never dreamed I would have a birthday best friend. So, Happy Birthday to my sweet Princess. Today, she told me, “ Mommy, you are the best mommy I could ever have. Happy Birthday.” It is those moments that mean so much. The Milestones Laney will accomplish our bound to be great with her tenacious spirit. I can’t believe my baby is the “BIG 6”!

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