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 A Year of Obedience and Faith

Well, it has been One year since the beginning of Tenacious Talisha. After a long year of transition, I feel my calling and purpose is to share my story. I have always been a person that believes in being tenacious and a planner. However, over the last year, I have learned that no matter how much I plan, God's timing is always better than my own and that sometimes it is better to take life daily. This next year of Tenacious Talisha will hold an ending to my Master's Degree program and my second year as a merchant. I often wonder if all these stories, whether long or short have inspired you the reader. I am thankful for everyone who discovers this page, and I pray you are left wanting more of Jesus.

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Midnight Oil.....

So, it is nearly midnight as I begin this little post. After three

nights of working on my website, using keywords and different algorithms, I think I am officially going to be found on Google Search Engines. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I have had to take a break and focus on my wifely and momma duties the last few days. I feel guilty at the moment. My fur babies have been denied on this site. I am going to have to get my boys on here soon. Skeeter is my 8-year-old terrier mix, Dax is our 5-year-old German shepherd, and then there is Biskit 7 months (holy terror Morkie). Laney has given him an additional name of Rascal. I could not agree more. There are pictures to come soon. So that it's for tonight, as my husband is snoring next to me at the moment. I am going to turn off the light, look for a new joy in the morning. Goodnite my peeps.

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