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 A Year of Obedience and Faith

Well, it has been One year since the beginning of Tenacious Talisha. After a long year of transition, I feel my calling and purpose is to share my story. I have always been a person that believes in being tenacious and a planner. However, over the last year, I have learned that no matter how much I plan, God's timing is always better than my own and that sometimes it is better to take life daily. This next year of Tenacious Talisha will hold an ending to my Master's Degree program and my second year as a merchant. I often wonder if all these stories, whether long or short have inspired you the reader. I am thankful for everyone who discovers this page, and I pray you are left wanting more of Jesus.

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So, this is the second time I've started this...God must have decided I didn't have the right words. So, if you want encouragement, hope, or a love story, here is it. We have some amazing friends who are quite the inspiration. They have inspired some of our circle of friends to become foster parents, they have encouraged us when we have been knocked down, and they have served other families without recognition. This family is the Johnson's. Jake (preacher), Shiann, Sammy, Mikah, and NOAH. They just gained the awesome status of a Family of Five. You see, this family of FOUR began their search for the fifth Johnson five years ago. They loved babies from birth to 4 years old. We loved their babies. Sometimes they had to let go of a baby to send home, and sometimes they let them go to only see that baby end up with a friend. If you are familiar with the bible story about NOAH, then you know the story was about a man, a big boat, animals, and a sign that God fulfills his promises with a RAINBOW.

It was a long journey for this sweet family. I met Shiann as a teenager; she was my neighbor. During this time, I had no clue just how awesome and inspirational she would be. Three years ago, we joined First Baptist Church McAlester. We didn't join this awesome couple until our life was falling apart. Jake was the person who prayed over me in his kitchen with Shiann by his side. The HOLY SPIRIT was in that house that night, and our friendship has only grown since then. Last summer, we went on a spare of the moment vacation with them, and the spare of the moment was booking a condo on Wednesday and leaving on Saturday. We took a week-long trip with Jake, Shiann, Sammy, and Mikah. We made memories to last a lifetime. From my constant stops for bathroom breaks to Shiann having the least. We grew that week. I was struggling and needing a friend, and Shiann was there. I am so thankful for such a wonderful friend. When we got back, summer was in full swing, and the homegroup was growing. July came around, and Mikah got bit by a Cooperhead snake. SCARY STUFF!!! When Johnson got home, not only did Mikah come home praise GOD, but a little miracle happened.

A caseworker called and said, we have a little girl who needs you to come to pick her up. She was a premium, so small, so precious, and she had a pair of lungs. They fell in love, and so did all of us. The sweetest part was that the girlfriends and I constantly talked about how this little girl looked like Shiann. We knew God was at work. Foster care isn't for the faint of heart. This family had endured heartbreak, let downs and disappointments. But that is the beauty of God; he prepares us for what is coming. He stands with open arms holding us all along the way. Shiann has more strength than I ever could, and she has more love than I ever could. Her love is selfless and pure. She loves with her whole heart. I see why God laid this search on this family because of their strength. 494 days later, on August 25, 2021, NOAH became a Johnson. This is what miracles look like. Searching for many years only to find what you have been searching for five years. To love a daughter, not knowing when you get to see her, kiss her goodnight and see her first. That is what happened to them. She came home when she was 2 weeks old, not knowing that this would be her forever. Shiann and the boys got to see this little girl grow and love her initially, not even knowing if she was the little one they had hoped for. This is HOPE. This is God working a miracle out even in all the hard. NOAH is the promise God gave to the Johnson's after countless rainy days and heartache. NOAH is the hope. We all witnessed and saw GOD do incredible things. Jake's countless prayers and praising GOD during the trials. This post is dedicated to all the parents waiting on there miracle they are searching for. It is also to encourage people who need HOPE. NOAH, WE LOVE YOU, AND WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE PLANS GOD HAS FOR YOU!


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