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 A Year of Obedience and Faith

Well, it has been One year since the beginning of Tenacious Talisha. After a long year of transition, I feel my calling and purpose is to share my story. I have always been a person that believes in being tenacious and a planner. However, over the last year, I have learned that no matter how much I plan, God's timing is always better than my own and that sometimes it is better to take life daily. This next year of Tenacious Talisha will hold an ending to my Master's Degree program and my second year as a merchant. I often wonder if all these stories, whether long or short have inspired you the reader. I am thankful for everyone who discovers this page, and I pray you are left wanting more of Jesus.

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Oh, how I absolutely love "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac. To the Gypsy that remains, her face says freedom with a little fear. I have no fear, have only love and if I was a child and the child was enough for me to love...

I feel like this song sometimes... sometimes, I am just dancing away, and then memories are all that is left for me to think about. I think about the memories. I think about the freedom I once felt until life came crashing down like lightning, that never strikes the same place, except it struck the same place twice my heart. I can still see you, and I think about the memories. I think about the weekends and the fun. I know God had something more than you for me. He gave me a light in the darkness. Someone to teach me about the gypsy soul I had at the time. Life has a funny way of showing you freedom, but it is not the freedom you need. You need love, patience, and a balance. I found my balance. I found my peace. I found my love. When you left this world on that night, it was hard. It was painful. It was devasting. I know you are in a better place and seeing me thrive in life. But man, sometimes I wish I could call you up and laugh. I wish you could see my girl. You made me love the song, "When I see you smile." I still remember the night you taught me how to drive a stick shift in the middle of a rainstorm. I remember everything, and sometimes the memories make me feel better. Christina would agree you made road trips fun. You were her leprechaun. I can't believe it's been over 18 years since I saw you. The pain you feel after a loss like you never goes away. It just leaves a scar on your heart, and I know I'll see you one day.

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