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About Me

Tenacious is Me.

Hello all, it's Talisha here. I started this blog after many years of desiring to share my love of Jesus and family. My little family consists of 5.  My husband DJ and I have been married for 9 years. He is the balance I always need in my life.  We have one little Princess Laney, who is 6.  She is the joy and laughter I have always needed in my life. Laney is the best birthday present I ever got.  She is a First Grader and future YouTube sensation. In addition, we have 3 fur kids, Skeeter (9), Dax Shepherd (6), and Biskit (1).    I am on this journey to see what God has planned for this blog.  I love writing and communicating with all walks of life.  So let the writing begin, and you laughing on the other end.

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