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 A Season of Purpose.

Last season was full of challenges and refinement, and who knows if we are still in the season, but now is the time for a new purpose for the season.

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Phase 1: Leaving

August 2020 seems like yesterday. That was the day my family and I started this journey toward achieving my Master's Degree. My life was...

What Happens When....

What happens after you finish the book, and your left wondering, "What Happens to the characters now?" What happens when you complete a...

Restless VS Refreshed.

Start my post many nights have I laid my head on this pillow and wished for a long slumber. Too many. How many nights have I...

Brain Fried.

It's nearly 11:00 PM and my brain is fried. I have been studying financial management for what seems like hours. When the next 5 weeks...


The moment you first breathe life into your lungs is a milestone. The moment your parents hear your first cry, a milestone. The moment...


Position as a noun is defined as where someone or something is located or has been put. When used as a verb, position means to set or...


She reflects on the day and She dreams of the life she once knew and about the days to come. How long will it take for her to conquer her...


Oh, how I absolutely love "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac. To the Gypsy that remains, her face says freedom with a little fear. I have no...

The Starting Point

Wow! It has been a while since I have taken the time to sit at my desk and just let it go...We have now been in our new home for almost...


When 2022 started iI to ponder, "What would be describing word for this year?" The previous two years, I would use the words Crucified...

A Christmas Note

Where do I even begin? I am sitting in my living room in my fawn print chair, staring at the Christmas tree lights all aglow. My absolute...

The Quest

I am wearing my 3rd spare pair of glasses as I type this, so if there are many errors, blame it on my glasses... I know God laid this on...

Friday Chit Chat

As I begin to share with you my thoughts, I ask you to look out your window and imagine you and me sitting on the front porch with our...


It is late, and the rain is falling. It is a change of tide, and change of season, a change of life. As of lately, I have been busy with...

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